Where it all started…

So I’ve been seeing a lot of social media posts about where people were, and what they were doing ten years ago.  This inspired me to dig into some old Hawaii footage, which was also spurred on by another Nova Scotia snow storm!  In 2009, I was entering into an intense phase of discovery, retreating to the edge of civilization to live off grid in the rain forest.  It really was the best of both worlds, because I was able to escape the concrete jungle that was Honolulu/Waikiki, yet was only minutes away in Palolo Valley.  Despite the close proximity, It was very much like being in another world.  This mystical place was deep in the forest, up windy roads that frequently turned into rivers when the rain forest let loose it’s abundance of moisture.  It was balanced in a way, having the stable income working at the Halekulani in Waikiki, and also this amazing freedom on the farm.  Throughout this time, the pendulum began to swing more and more in the direction of freedom.

There was an eventual withdraw, which turned out to be a major factor in the decision to immigrate to Nova Scotia.  Having the ability to avoid grocery stores for eight months at a time was intoxicating.  Whenever I had more than one day off in a row, I would avoid the city altogether.  When I returned, it all became overwhelming and uncomfortable…. to be away from the tranquility of nature.  I still experience this today, when driving from the Annapolis Valley to Halifax.  Clearly I’m a country boy at heart.

Having been so incredibly busy building our business here in Nova Scotia, I’ve had all of this on the back burner, purely for practical survival.  Having two kids and starting the business with literally nothing didn’t leave much room for anything else.  Now that we’re a bit more established at over 6 years in business, owning the property, etc… the bigger picture potential that brought me here in the first place is beginning to reemerge.  Time will tell whether this can rekindle, and a lot of it depends on the right people showing up, but that has certainly already happened in spades, at least relating to our business since arriving here.  I’ll let the video speak for itself, but a lot more happened after this footage, so I will list a few additional passions and projects below, which I hope to recreate in Canada.

I hope you enjoy this little farm tour, which really is so much more to me… the place I found my wife Ariell (couch surfer at the farm), my true calling, freedom, resilience, sustainability, or whatever they call it these days.  The thing that still blows my mind to this day is how the place brought people together who were at completely opposite ends of political and ideological spectrum.  Nowhere else have I seen hard core conservatives working so harmoniously with equally hard core liberals.  I believe the common ground between the conservative ideals of resilience and personal freedom, go hand and hand with ultra liberal sustainability and ecological perspectives.  I saw this time and time again, with ten bedrooms on the property, and many people coming and going.  The power of these common goals cannot be understated, not only from a collaborative human standpoint, but the massively trans-formative effects for our entire world paradigm.

Other exciting Hawaii projects:

-Designed and constructed extensive composting, worm bins, and BSF harvest supporting aquaponics, chickens, rabbits and quail.

-Repair and maintenance of rainwater catchment system, solar panel installation, and self contained anaerobic digester sewage system.

-Rehabilitation of surrounding rain forest through extrication of invasive species and establishing a long term food forest model.

-Collaborated with the Honolulu Zoo, removing pre-composted elephant and giraffe manure by the truckload.

-Collaborated with Kokua Market Health Food Store, by removing bins of organic compost for our very spoiled chickens 🙂

-Mastered medical cannabis cultivation, breeding, and volunteer grow consulting on design and construction for cancer patients.

-Owned and operated Lokahi Surf Tours, providing surf guide services to traveling surfers from across the globe.

-Helped with the launch of Hawaii’s first electric vehicle charging station

-Co-founder / Board Member, Transition Oahu

-Hawaii Spokesperson for Zero Motorcycles

-Board member of Ho’i Ho’i Ea Non-Profit, Ku’u Kanalu/Hakipu’u Oahu

More posts to come…. which of these topics would you most like to hear about?


Our 34 chickens… Ariell loved them so much… to be continued 🙂

Check out the plans for our current property in the Annapolis Valley, starting with renovations of the old Horton high school band room and bus garage, bringing the land back to life with our commercial kitchen composting system, as we also manifest our long term vision for the surrounding ten acre former school grounds!