Local Art & Music

Our cafe has been offered as creative outlet for local artists and musicians.

From paintings to stained glass, greeting cards, and refrigerator Consignment Artmagnets, we are always amazed by the talented folks who show up. With virtually everything in the cafe being hand made and on consignment, we’re happy to support our artists’ creative endeavors by paying out 70% on consignment sales.  New artists are encouraged to drop by the cafe anytime, or get in touch via email to share their work.

One of a kind…

The tables themselves are also works of art. I’ve hand crafted rare Live Edge Tables
hardwood “Live Edge” tables and booths, creating a warm dining atmosphere. These pieces consist of cherry, black walnut, elm, white oak, Italian olive wood, and African bubinga. New pieces are currently in the works including maple, willow, and sycamore.  These are custom built for the cafe, and are not for sale, but do check out our post with info on the process as well as suppliers: Anatomy of a Live Edge Table

Live Music

Edible Art features live music six days a week from noon to 2pm.  We’ve felt incredibly lucky to have dozens of talented local musicians grace our stage.  Our wide range of daily tunes include easy listening, jazz, reggae, classics from the 50’s through the 80’s, and contemporary favorites.