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It’s not hard to see the impact, whether you look at the incredible before and after Keto pics on social media, or the amazing healing properties demonstrated in “The Magic Pill” on Netflix.  All signs are pointing to a revolution.  Ariell and I didn’t need much time at all to take action, quickly rallying to help spread the word and offer a full array of Keto products at our business.  The farther along we get, the more things are validated, with our family doctor and others now touting the benefits of the Keto diet.  We are even collaborating with the Valley Metabolic Program now.  They’ve been able to get diabetics completely off their insulin in less than a week!  After living the keto lifestyle ourselves for a while now, we look forward to sharing our newfound passion, but will also never lose sight of what got us this far.  Our existing menu will not change, but we will certainly be adding some exciting new products.

One of the most exciting and impactful things we’ve been doing is setting up is an online Keto companion business, which very much echos the community goals and values at Edible Art.  Because of the scale of the issues we’re all facing, we ultimately decided to align ourselves with a global network of distributors after meeting Nate and Anna Justice, who introduced us to some groundbreaking ketogenic products.   We even integrated one of these products into our menu right away, as the main ingredient in our Bulletproof Coffee.  Having now signed on as distributors ourselves, we are launching a full offering of products for home delivery!  If you’ve already been enjoying our Bulletproof Coffee, now you can brew your own right at home by ordering here.  Be advised, this stuff is powerful… we only use half a packet per serving!

We hope the links below are helpful, and we encourage folks to get in touch with questions, feedback, or sharing your own transformational stories.


Thanks for taking part in our journey,

-Jesse & Ariell Vincent


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For more info on what it means and how it feels to be in ketosis, check out this video:


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Drop by anytime for Bulletproof Coffee, now available at the Edible Art Cafe!

*** NEW! Keto Frozen options 🙂 ***