Home Delivery

Since we started in the Summer of 2012, we’ve never stopped innovating. From the fusion of our passion for food, music and art, it only makes sense to double down on our biggest business component, Grab & Go Frozen Meals. We’ve had customers come in many times to pick up our popular 5 for $20 meals for someone sick in bed, in the hospital, or at home with a new baby. Thanks to Karen Ferguson, we now have home delivery available for those who need it most!

This pilot program will surely be evolving, but we’ll be doing weekly delivery on Wednesday from 12-2pm to start off. Orders can be made until Friday of the previous week, with a minimum $20 purchase, and only $5 delivery withing 10km of the cafe, and .50 cents per/km outside the delivery area. The first deliveries will be going out on March 20th 2019, so check out the poster below, and order at the cafe number (902 681-7375) between 9am and 5pm on the weekdays 🙂

Also be sure to check out our Keto options, available for local delivery, and our life changing Ketone supplements for global delivery!