Frozen Meals

The Edible Art Cafe Grab & Go frozen meals were a thing before the cafe even existed. Ariell had been one of the first vendors at the Wolfville Farmer’s Market as a little girl, becoming well known in the Annapolis Valley community for a variety of her food products over 17 years. Upon returning from Hawaii with a husband, and plans for launching the cafe, the baked goods slot was no longer available at the market. The frozen meals market was wide open however. This was the birth of our insanely popular 5 meals for $20 deal.

It has since grown to encompass over 40 varieties of frozen soups, entrees, and treats. Vegan, gluten free, and dairy free selections are available, along with a whole new spread of Keto products (priced individually), including pizza crusts, bagels, almond bread, soups, stuffed chicken breasts, lasagnas, keto fat bombs and more! It has been incredibly rewarding to provide these healthy meals to the community, and all of the frozen meals are are tax free as grocery items!

The 5 for $20 listing of Grab & Go Frozen Meals is a fixed list, as seen below, with 2 premium entrees also available for $8 each: Lobster & Bacon Mac n’ Cheese / Curried Chicken & Broccoli Penne.

The frozen Keto offerings are always evolving, so we recommend dropping by the cafe, calling, or checking out the latest info on our Keto Corner Page. We’ve added nutritional labels, and have also made some exciting partnerships to help people reach their weight loss goals, have more energy, and more mental clarity.