Edible Art Consignment Online

We’ve always had local art on consignment since our opening in 2013, and now we have taken things to the next level with an online marketplace!


Edible Art Consignment Online

So many amazing artists have shown up, that we’ve created this community to accommodate their creations.  Any artist, anywhere, can list their art for free.  Art lovers can join and get to know their local artists through built in social media, while also collecting, supporting the artists, and finding the perfect gifts for loved ones.

All of our in-house artist’s creations are listed under our house account, maintaining our original 70% payout on sales, but now reaching a wider audience.  We also manage inventory, payment, and local pickup.

Any off-site artists can join and list their art under their own accounts, managing their own inventory, taking online payment through PayPal or Stripe, offering delivery, and receive 80% payouts on sales.

Join our growing online art community now!

(You’ll need an invite code by either contacting us, or any member of the community for the invite.)