Edible Art, a Community Hub in Transition

Please check out our newest video and spread the word about the Edible Art Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to save our home and business!

Our two year plan to the purchase the building has now been reduced to 30 days with our landlord’s pending foreclosure. The amazing support of our customers over the last few years has helped us to qualify for a mortgage, but we still need to raise the down payment funds to be able to bid at the auction.

What you can do to help:
-Contribute if you can, and please share our page with as many people as possible on Facebook, twitter, and email links.
-Doing the same with word of mouth throughout your day can be even more impactful… this is how Edible Art was built.
-Help keep our tables filled by joining us for coffee, snacks, music, art, breakfast, lunch, brunch, and our affordable Grab & Go groceries at 5 meals for $20.

Thank you!
Jesse, Ariell, and the Edible Art team


Update:  Sunday, September 24, 2017

That’s right folks… 7 days remaining to raise 70 thousand dollars! Thanks to an amazing local effort to help save our home and business, we’ve nearly matched our online crowdfunding contributions with in-person contributions at the cafe, for a total of $10,000 raised! This includes the bids on our silent auction of local art, which will be closing this Saturday along with our Indiegogo campaign at this link:
——–>>> https://igg.me/at/edibleart <<<——–
(:please check out our video, perks, and share:)

We’re also excited to share that we’ve had an in depth interview with Shaina Luck on CBC Radio, which will be airing this morning, along with an article on their website —> http://www.cbc.ca/…/edible-art-cafe-wolfville-new-minas-hor…

At the launch of our campaign, we reached over 60,000 people on Facebook alone. All we’d need to reach our goal is $12 from just 10% of the Facebook crowd, and with the CBC involved, the numbers become even more attainable.

Please help us get the word out to as many folks as possible over the next 7 days, and thank you so much to everyone already supporting us!

-Jesse, Ariell, and the Edible Art team

Update:  Monday, October 2, 2017

With $10,762 raised through the Indiegogo crowdfunding, cafe contributions, and silent auction, we’d like to extend our sincere thanks to everyone supporting us

A lot has been happening in the background as well, including some great offers by silent partners. We’re also increasingly optimistic about our prospects after recently learning that our landlord’s foreclosure auction will be pushed to November!

We will be keeping the cafe contribution display open as the auction approaches, and greatly appreciate the continued support of the community. We will be tracking our progress, and sharing updates as things develop.

This shot of us at the Wolfville Market before we had the cafe is a great reminder of how far we’ve come with your help. Thanks again for all your amazing support!

Jesse, Ariell, and the Edible Art team


Update:  Monday, April 3rd, 2018

Many folks have been asking about the building situation, since our previous purchase date has now expired. We have a new contract and purchase date of June 1st, pending more environmental assessments on the bus garage behind the cafe. We should know more in a few weeks, and will be in touch as we remain optimistic for the successful completion of the deal!

The first round of assessments was not cheap, and we’d like to thank our supporters again. We would not have been able to get this far without the crowdfunding and amazing community support

Happy Spring!
From Ariell, Jesse, and the Edible Art team