D&G Self Serve Lemonade Stand

First we’d like to thank our many loyal customers as we share a bit of background about Dax and Gavin’s lemonade stand.  The whole idea came about after thinking back to my own entrepreneurial beginnings.  Back in the stone age, before they even had remote controls for the old top-loading VCR’s, we had a wired remote with a single button for pausing while recording.  My father would pay me 25 cents an episode to “zap” the commercials while recording the Star Trek, the original of course.  It’s this memory that inspired me to build the D&G lemonade stand.  The early lessons in life that teach the value of money can make all the difference.  I later went on to mow lawns all over the neighborhood, purchasing my first car (a 1986 Mazda Rx-7) for $4k cash at only 16 years old.

The stand doubles as a play house, and is basically a re purposed trash bin that had been abandoned on our neighbor’s property.  All it needed was a roof, a counter, and a system for dispensing the lemonade.  They boys were only 1 and 2 years old at the time, but ended up helping quite a bit as you can see in this picture.  Once the structure was built, we ended up using a cooler as a reservoir, with food grade tubing leading to a self serve tap for customers.  To keep things ice cold for food safety and enjoyment, frozen blocks of lemonade are constantly added, along with ice packs rotating every 12 hours.  This prevents the lemonade from getting watered down as opposed to using ice.

As a true micro-business that belongs to the boys, all the proceeds and gratuity go to the Dax & Gavin College Fund.  The first year (2017), we sold the lemonade at $2 per glass, and had some success, selling around $1200 that summer.  This year we’re going for volume at only .25 cents per glass, and the results have been amazing.  After less than a month and a half, the boys have sold over 700 lemonades!  Despite smaller profits, we’ve seen so many new faces, and have been hearing great feedback all over town about their little business.  They’re even getting big enough to serve the customers themselves.  Perhaps they’ll eventually choose to branch out into other products and services.  We just wanted to thank everyone again for their support, and if you have yet to try D&G Lemonade, please do stop by anytime!