Where it all started…

So I’ve been seeing a lot of social media posts about where people were, and what they were doing ten years ago.  This inspired me to dig into some old Hawaii footage, which was also spurred on by another Nova Scotia snow storm!  In 2009, I was entering into an intense phase of discovery, retreating […]

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The Power of Compost

Compost has always been a fascination for me, particularly the math and the science behind it.  It sounds pretty mundane, even a bit gross at times, but the truth is that it can be a powerful catalyst in so many ways.  The same principles apply to business, and can have huge effect over time.  Changing […]

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D&G Self Serve Lemonade Stand

First we’d like to thank our many loyal customers as we share a bit of background about Dax and Gavin’s lemonade stand.  The whole idea came about after thinking back to my own entrepreneurial beginnings.  Back in the stone age, before they even had remote controls for the old top-loading VCR’s, we had a wired […]

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