Artist Profile: Catherine Van Der Woerd

Catherine became a featured artist at the Edible Art Cafe in the same way we’ve connected with many other artists.  While she was eating lunch with some friends, I got wind that there was a glass artist in house.  Having always been a fan of glass work, whether it be blown, stained or otherwise, I immediately went to investigate.  It turned out that she was a glass mosaic artist.  I had met stained glass and blown glass folks before, but this was something completely new to me.  We immediately hit it off, and started making plans for an exhibit.



Glass MosaicsGlass Mosaics

It turns out that glass mosaics are environmentally friendly, and can be just as majestic as traditional stained glass works.  The process involves no lead or soldering, but overlaying the glass on re-purposed single layer window panes.  Catherine envisions the piece, and glues the colored segments to the window accordingly.  Then the voids are filled with grout, creating a brilliantly colorful and luminous window hanging.

Since the cafe is located in what used to be the old Horton High School’s industrial arts building, band room, and bus garage, there are some very unique spaces to utilize this kind of artwork.  The steel beam and concrete structure has large concrete landings which were previously limited to being used as storage.  With a limited amount of windows to display Catherine’s work, this was the perfect opportunity to utilize the space in spectacular fashion.


The Exhibit

First I built the 2×4 framing to support a neutral colored back drop, then found some incredibly efficient LED work lights.  Despite only using 20 watts, each one has an output of 2500 lumens.  Since then the entire landing, along with our windows, have been filled with her beautifully colorful work.  Each piece has a natural theme depicting plants, animals, and gorgeous outdoor scenes.  The prices range from under $200 for smaller pieces, up to $1500 for the large hinged piece recently installed on the stage.



Alcohol Ink TilesAlcohol Ink

Catherine’s other artistic talent is painting vibrant alcohol ink creations.  She has already amassed quite a body of work even though she only recently discovered alcohol ink in 2015.  Many of these colorful tiles have been flying off our shelves, but she’s always replenishing them from her seemingly endless supply.  Affordably priced at $18 per tile, they make great gifts, and have a very unique and dreamy look.  When I first saw them they reminded me of watercolor, but much more vibrant, flowing and dynamic.  The amount of detail packed into each 4×4 inch tile is nothing short of astounding.

As obvious fans of Catherine’s work, we hope you enjoy it while dining at the cafe, as well at taking some home or giving as gifts.  Her work is also available online at the following link:

Glass Mosaics & Alcohol Ink Creations by Catherine Van Der Woerd


We’re so honored and proud to have such a talented artist sharing work within our space.  Below is a short bio…

Thank you for visiting,


Catherine Van Der Woerd